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An Existing Contractor


Unhappy with your current umbrella arrangement?

Then be assured at Pace Pay we take contracting and your business seriously.

You are a professional. Your rates reflect the expertise and experience you can bring to another business; that business recognises the need for your skill and values your knowledge. They’re investing in their business. You need to invest in yours and ensure you aren’t distracted with the mundane tasks of business administration.

At Pace Pay we invest in our systems and people to ensure you are fully supported. We offer a free, straightforward set up process so you are up and running quickly and a dedicated team to answer your queries when they arise.

Our service is an umbrella employment solution for UK based contractors and freelancers working through a recruitment agency. Your agency may already have provided our details as they have completed their due diligence and are happy to recommend our service. Together, we will ensure your billing and payments are completed efficiently and accurately. Leaving you to focus on your contracting.


Your Next Step

Schedule a call with us so that we can explain our service and how we can work with your recruitment agency to remove the business administration burden from you. We will provide you with a take home pay estimate so you can consider that with our excellent service levels to make a decision on working with us.

5 Reasons to Work with Pace Pay

Employment Benefits

One employment regardless of the number of agencies you work with.

First Class Service

A first class service so that you can focus on your contracting and enjoy higher retention rates.

Dedicated Team

A dedicated Account Management Team to answer all your questions 9am – 5.30pm Mon – Fri.

Quick & Easy Payment

An SMS message every time you are paid so you won’t have to keep checking your bank account.

Superb Support

Regular tips and suggestions to improving your financial situation.


Talk to Us

Let our team explain our service and how we can work together
  T: 02030 267 783  
Or Schedule a Call and we will call you back when it’s convenient for you.
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